40 % Cuts Planned

Newspaper headlines are dominated by the story that Government Ministers are being asked to look at 40% cuts. As you read the article we are told that no one will really have to make this level of cuts.

Who do they think they are dealing with?” “Do they take the public for mugs?”

It is oldest and meanest trick in the book. You build up the scale of the cuts far beyond what you want so when you reduce the amount everyone breathes a sigh of relief!

There is a word for this sort of behaviour it is ‘bullying!”

Consultation on the Cuts

Incredible as it seems but not only have the Con-Dem Government tabled the Budget from Hell, they want public sector workers to help them!

To view the letter from Nick & Dave click here

(My letter must have got lost in the post!).

They have even set up a web site called Spending Challenge Web Site


You can email your ideas here.

Email: public.enquiries@hm-treasury.gov.uk

Email: camerond@parliament.uk

Email: cleggn@parliament.uk

How about sending some messages like

·        Deep and rapid cuts to public spending are irresponsible – they’ll make the deficit worse by weakening the economy and adding to unemployment. Cutting public sector jobs costs more in lost tax and extra benefits than it saves.

·        Raising VAT is regressive, putting the heaviest burden on the poorest. Cutting public services is even more unfair – research commissioned by UNISON shows it hits disadvantaged households six times harder than the richest.

·        The fairest way to reduce the deficit is to make the banks cover the costs of the crisis they caused, and tackle tax avoidance and evasion by big corporations and wealthy individuals – this could raise more than £50bn in annual revenue.

You want more suggestions click here.

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