Barnet Council - Social housing group Connaught 'nears administration'

“Connaught, the property services group that specialises in social housing, is on the brink of going into administration, the BBC has learned.”

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Some of you will have seen the above BBC news headline this morning. Connaught was a top 250 FTSE Company not long ago. I am not sure what happens if Connaught goes under. Council Housing still need a repair service and what about the staff. I have written to the Chief Executive asking what the plan is

Barnet Homes staff.

You will be aware that your former colleagues working in council housing repairs are facing an uncertain future. Barnet Homes have served notice a six month on Connaught. Our branch is organising a petition to bring these staff back into to Barnet Homes just as we would do for any of our members.

We are asking all our members, non members to support these workers in their ‘hour of need.’

Our UNISON Convenor Anne Denison and our local reps will be circulating the petition I hope you are all able to sign it.

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