SIGN OUR PETITION - Legionella outbreak in a number of Fremantle Care Homes in Barnet

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Here is why: There has been outbreak of Legionella in two Fremantle Care Homes. All staff &residents were given a letter which provided a brief explanation of event. To view click here

However there are a number of serious issues which need explaining:  

1. When and where in each of the affected homes did they discover Legionella bacteria?

2. Have any residents and staff contracted Legionnaires disease to date?

3. Who is responsible for monitoring the safety of the water supply in these settings?

·         Is it Barnet Council

·         Is it Catalyst Housing?

·         Is it Fremantle

·         Is another organisation?

4. When was the last time each setting was checked and who has the records?

5. Does Barnet Council include issues like Health & Safety in the contract monitoring process? If not why not? If yes when were these last reviewed?

6. Are risk assessments on health & safety carried out in all of the settings?

7. As part of the contract monitoring by Barnet Council are these risk assessments reviewed? If not why not? If yes when were they last reviewed?

8. As part of good safeguarding practice have other residential care homes provided by Catalyst and Fremantle been informed about the outbreak and if so have the checks been carried out in those settings?

9. How was this allowed to happen?

10. What was the cause of this outbreak and what controls have been put in place to secure the safety of the residents, staff and visitors?

11. Was a risk assessment carried out after the Legionella bacteria was discovered? If yes, what did it say and what control measure were put in place? If not why not?

Barnet UNISON is calling for a public inquiry into the events surrounding this outbreak. It is important to residents and their families and our members that our questions are answered.