Why I am proud of my members - #OneBarnetStrike9Feb

Once again Barnet UNISON members have agreed to take strike action. On Thursday 9 February our members will be taking their fourth day of action in response to the One Barnet Project which seeks to transfer the majority of the staff out of the Council.

The total cost of these projects will look to exceed £2Billion which is why the Big Private Sector Fat Cats are all lined up to try and win the contracts!

It would be easy for our members who are feeling exhausted & helpless to give up and just accept that they are to be handed over to the private sector. It would be dishonest if I was to say that our members morale at times has been low.

But who could blame them?

Whilst having to come to terms with being outsourced and worrying if their job will even remain in the borough (a large number of the services could easily be shipped off out of London) they are now facing more restructuring and possible compulsory redundancies before any outsourcing has taken place!

So, by agreeing to take action on Thursday 9 February, our members are making a big statement.

They want to remain Council employees; they want in-house services to be allowed to compete with the Private Sector Fat Cats, and most of all they want to serve the community they are passionate about.

That is why a group of strikers will; after taking part in the picket line, depart to help out a local Charity.

Our members want to make it clear that “whilst they will be withdrawing their labour from the Council, they are not withdrawing their commitment to the community they are so proud to serve!”

I am proud of their of their courage and determination to stand up for themselves and services in the face of the relentless political dogma. A political dogma which fails to understand and appreciate the hard work of staff currently delivering services to Barnet residents.

“Doing nothing is not an option for our members!”

This is why I am so proud of them.

John Burgess

Branch Secretary

Messages of support please to contactus@barnetunison.org.uk

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