Personal Data- TUPE transfer - Human costs of Outsourcing #2

Dear Colleagues

I am concerned to hear there is growing confusion amongst staff in relation to personal data currently being held on staff prior to the TUPE transfer.

It is important that every member views all their personal data before they are transferred the new employer.

However in the interim members should send the following to their line manger and HR Connect

“To whom it may concern.

I am shortly to be TUPE transferred out of the Council to the following employer (insert NSL). I understand the Council will be transferring personal data at this company. I am therefore requesting that all personal data currently being held by Barnet Council is provided for me to read as a matter of urgency. For the sake of clarity this includes all personal data held on SAP, Wisdom and any paper files held at any other locations including HR.

I will require a hard copies of this personal data and time off to check the accuracy.

I have also been informed and understand that the £10.00 fee will be waived as I am  about to undergo a TUPE transfer.

I look forward to hearing back from you in due course.”

I understand that a number of staff have already made a request and not had a reply. Please can you alert your local rep so that we can pursue this matter on your behalf.

Best wishes


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