UNISON members to meet FM Conway & EC Harris bidders for the £275 million DRS contract

Dear Colleagues

I understand that tomorrow you have been invited to meet with FM Conway and EC Harris. I hope you take up this offer to meet the Bidders as I know you will have many questions which I hope they will be able to answer.

Two weeks ago I wrote to the Council seeking a meeting with the Bidders, this request has been refused.

For your information last year Barnet UNISON wrote to all the companies taking part in Dialogue 1 for DRS. To date we have not had a reply I hope you all fare better.

Barnet UNISON 6 key questions

Your proposed new model of service delivery

1. Please describe how you would develop and improve all of the services throughout the whole life of the contract. In particular, please outline your plans for

·         innovative and continuous improvement

·         achieving and monitoring high levels of customer satisfaction

·         effective consultation and engagement with residents, officers and members

·         involving the staff and trade unions and detail what role they will have in this process

·         meeting the Council’s target of 10% cost savings and the 5% increase in income?


2. How are you going to be able to maximise the opportunities provided by links with other organisations, the development of central government’s agenda for local authorities and the opportunities for inward investment of all kinds that will be available as a result of the Councils regeneration programmes.

Please describe what measures you will put in place to address this aim, including each council service in your response.


3. In these ever changing global economic times how do you propose to meet the Council’s ever changing strategic requirements?

These are likely to be substantial, and might be due to (for example) changes in the council’s political leadership, central government objectives or relevant changes in legislation that we want to or must account for.


4. What do you see as the key financial, operational, democratic governance and employment risks in this contract and how do you propose to mitigate these risks?


5. Central Government recognises that LG has a key role to play in stimulating economic growth locally. This contract is looking to make significant cost reduction and income generation please provide details as to how you aim to reach these targets with details of the effect on the economic activity within the borough over the course of the contract period?

·         What contribution can you make to regeneration in Barnet, in particular, the creation of additional employment opportunities for local people and the use of local sub contractors? Will you engage sub contractors on a similar price structure as the main contract to encourage local firms and employment?

6. Do you plan to bid for all the services in the ITPD and which services will be delivered by subcontractors? How do you plan to monitor their performance?


* =  Local Government

** = Invitation to Participate in Dialogue


Best wishes

John Burgess

Branch Secretary.







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