Housing Questions for TUPE meeting with Barnet Homes

On Wednesday 22 February Housing council workers attended the first TUPE meeting with Barnet Homes and asked the following questions.

1. Is the restructure mentioned in the measures letter dated the 19th January a measure?  What is the Operations Directorate mentioned in the letter?  If the restructure is a measure presumably the consultation will start once we have been transferred over.


2. Are we facing a situation where we could be tupe’d over and face having 30 days notice served on us as there are less than 100 staff in HNR.

If this is the case will we immediately be served with “at risk” letters and will this lead to compulsory redundancies?


3. Barnet Homes is funded through Housing Revenue Account and we understand that this cannot be used for HNR staff.  The General Fund money that HNR staff will be being transferred with – is this ring fenced just for general fund activities i.e. not related to Council Tenants.  If so how do you propose to demonstrate that this money is being used solely for this purpose?


4. We understand that there is a time pressure on saving money due to the reduction in the budget.  As part of the natural wastage we keep hearing about will there be voluntary redundancies allowed?  Will you also be looking at other ways to save money other than reductions in staff which will have a direct impact on our already struggling service?


5. If jobs are to be downgraded how will you consult on this and how long will grades be protected?


6. How long is the existing Barnet Homes contact with Barnet Council and how much of that contact is outstanding as an ALMO?  Is it likely to be renewed as an ALMO?  If not what status does Barnet Homes have outside the LATC? 


7. Capita are applying for some contracts – is there a relationship between Barnet Homes and Capita.


8. Data is being delivered to find out how many posts will go into the Call Centre.  Will posts be going from Barnet Homes and HNR as a collective into the call centre?


9. Can staff be TUPE’d across from Barnet Homes into the LATC? 



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