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Is It a Job to Die For?

No one can doubt Social Work is one of the most stressful jobs. Today I attended UNISON’s Regional Social Care Forum where there was a briefing on stress. Medical Research has established beyond doubt there is a causal relationship between stress, major illnesses and mortality.

UNISON promotes Men's Health- a success story

Men’s Health Event Mill Hill Depot 17th Sept 09, 6am-2pm.

 Take a look here

FREE Men’s Health event 17th September 2009

Supporting the health of the workforce

Barnet Council /PCT/Joint Trade Union event is being down the Depot

Accommodation moves : March 2009.

TAP stands for The Accomodation Project, [forgive the encroachment of yet more acronyms, easy when you know what they mean and often gobbledygook  when not explained ] 

Why are Health & Safety Reps important

UNISON members believe Health and Safety is the most important issue at work. Health and Safety can be a matter of life and death. Many of our members know what it's like to experience stress, violence or accidents and injuries at work. Tackling Health and Safety is also a very good way of organising in the workplace. What do Health and Safety reps do? Everybody who works has basic rights, which include things like sufficient space to work in, clean and well-lit workplaces and safe working practices.

Health and Safety

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