One Barnet

What is there to hide?

Options Appraisal for the Future Shape Adult Social Care Provision.

Barnet UNISON to be privatised!

Yes you read right! News just in that Barnet UNISON looks set to be privatised.

Welcome to the Barnet UNISON Twilight Zone

Welcome to the Barnet UNISON Twilight Zone.  You unlock this door with the key of imagination.

What’s going across London?

To keep up on what is going on across London click here

Children’s Services Restructure – DRAFT Briefing

Dear Colleague

Future Shape - Who takes the Risk?

The biggest costs for any organisation public or private are staff costs. That is why staff are quite rightly concerned when they hear they could be transferred out of the Council into another organisation.

TOP SECRET - National Unity Government Plans

easyCouncil on BBC Politics Show

UK Pensioner risks amputation if she demonstrates at Tory Headquarter to save Wardens on 22nd March

Pensioner Betty Martin, the Co chair of the UK Pensioners Strategy Committee is determined to join the demonstration on Monday 22nd March to save the UK’s Resident Sheltered Housing Wardens.  The demons

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