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What is TUPE and TUPE Plus?

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Catering services…Da Vinci Code?

Sack the expensive consultants

“Sack the expensive consultants, listen to your workforce, and we can work together to defend and improve public services.”

"Are consultants working for the Daleks?”

Future Shape - Regulatory Services Bundle - Briefings

Breifing No. 1 click here

Breifing No. 2 click here

Robin Hood Tax - watch, sign and pass it on

Future Shape Bundle No.1 - Regulatory Services

The Joint Trade Unions are conscious that members are concerned about what is happening in the Regulatory Services Bundle discussions.

Future Shape - Is In-House a dirty word?

On Wednesday 10th February I attended the first Future Shape Overview & Scrutiny Committee along with other trade union colleagues and staff working in Planning, Housing and Regeneration (PHR). 

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