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Xmas Tree Future Shape style

Future Shape Xmas Tree

Get well soon Dexter!

Democracy at stake in Hammersmith & Fulham

Barnet UNISON members who attended our branch meeting last month heard speakers from Essex and Hammersmith describe what was happening in their boroughs.

Barnet Press cover easyCouncil story

To view click here

Barnet UNSION signs up to UNISON Million Voices Campaign

To find out more ablout the campaign click on ths link

Prime Minister responds to Barnet UNISON on Future Shape

Gordon responds:


Oops wrong Gordon.....

Joint Trade Unions respond to Barnet 'EasyCouncil' Cabinet Committee

To view our reports please click on the following links

Our response to their report click here

Barnet UNISON Benefit Gig -limited supply of tickets


Council Unions launch DRAFT Public Services Manifesto

The current and potential new government have made their intentions clear for public services in th enext 2- 4 years.

Marginalisation and anti union propaganda has been unleashed on the Postal workers union. How revolutionary is the postal workers union request for ACAS?

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