One Barnet

‘A relentless drive for efficiency’

Third aim outlined in the Cabinet Future Shape report (July 2009).

‘A one public sector approach’- The Borg?

Second aim outlined in the Cabinet Future Shape report (July 2009)

Future Shape Express.........


Trade Union response to Future Shape 6 July 2009 Cabinet Report

To view our Report click here

Future Shape - Hitchhikers Guide

Hitchhikers guide to Future Shape Cabinet report

Background to latest Future Shape report

The 6 July Future Shape Cabinet report is 58 pages long. 

Staff, residents will find it hard going.

Barnet Council Future Shape report published

To view report click here

NO Prime Minister

Future Shape - Shadow Committee

14 days to go - Witness your future!

Less than 14 days before we read the Future Shape Cabinet report!  

Everyone keeps asking me if I know what is going to be in the report.

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