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Useful discussion on Newcastle success story

Future Shape - When will we learn our lessons?

Members will be familiar by now with the name of Fremantle & their partner Catalyst Housing

Read excerpt below

Future Shape - ‘Quick wins’ begins

It has been widely reported that the Trade Unions are being consulted throughout the Future Shape process. The Joint Trade Unions want to make it clear that they have had no part in the decision to privatise these services

Future Shape - What do you want?

Future Shape - Barnet residents we want to hear from you

You are probably aware that the Council is consulting on Future Shape.

Future Shape - Good News

Come along to a ‘Good News’ in house story!

Future Shape - Do you work for the Council?

Do you work for the Council?

Future Shape - Do you work in the following services?

Do you work in the following services?

Branch Secretary resigns over Future Shape row

Future Shape - Reminder to complete your questionnaire

We are currently busy sending out questionnaires to all our members on Future Shape. We have provided a Pre-paid envelope. Please take some time to complete and return.

You can view questionnaire here online

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