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One Barnet

Barnet residents organise funeral procession for Barnet Public Services

Yesterday a group of residents organised a funeral march, they made several stops across the borough and gave the following eulogy.

Test 1 sept


Capita Group issue Final Measures letter details before 1 September transfer

Yesterday Capita Group issued the updated Final Measures letter detailed the latest proposed changes for Council services.

Full consultation will commence sometime after transfer of Council Services on Sunday 1 September.

You can view the Measures letter here

“Why are the government attacking the workers and their union?

“Why are the government attacking the workers and their union?

Austerity launches another vicious attack on low paid female workers in Barnet Council

Austerity launches another vicious attack on low paid female workers in Barnet Council

UNISON One Barnet Online Bite size briefings

Barnet UNISON has produced over 40 detailed reports throughout the four year life of the Future Shape/EasyCouncil/One Barnet Programme.

"What is going on in Libraries in Barnet?"

It has always fascinated me how strong the feelings are in the community for Libraries. The Strategic Review which is currently being carried out finishes at the end of November.

Remember remember the 2 November!!!!

We have already had a week of the reporting in the news about massive cuts to public services post the Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR).

Barnet Council Cabinet Report 20 October - Financial Armageddon

Budget Headline Figures

Call this an Options Appraisal?

Barnet Council has enlisted the support of consultants to deliver easyCouncil.

This report by iMPOWER is the latest of a long line of reports which surprise surprise promotes privatisation!

To view click here

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