Future Shape update

What is going on in Phase Two?

On Friday 16 January you may have received an email from the Chief Executive asking staff to volunteer to become involved in shaping Barnet’s Future?

There are seven working groups

1. Future Shape – Barnet Strategy

2. Future Shape – Barnet Access

3. Future Shape – Barnet Assessment

4. Future Shape – Barnet Property

5. Future Shape – Barnet Support

6. Future Shape – Barnet Transact

7. Future Shape – The Vehicle

These groups relate to this model outlined in the 3 December Cabinet Committee paper

So what do the Trade Unions recommend?

We asked for staff/trade union forums in our first Briefing in September 2008.

So, yes we would want to staff to in their words “debate and help create the Barnet of tomorrow.”

However, it appears the Council do not want to talk to the trade unions.

On 17 December we were told the Council would no longer fund our consultant Dexter Whitfield. We wrote back on 18 December asking them to reconsider the decision to withdraw funding.

On 6 January 2009 we received an email saying they would be in touch in due course.

On Friday 16th January the Acting Chief Executive sent out an email to all staff about Future Shape.

To date we have heard nothing.

Considering the serious implications of Future Shape for Barnet Council staff and services the Joint Trade Unions have formally requested a special committee meeting with councillors.

Look out for further updates………