Future Shape Consolidation phase

HitchhikersTrade Union Guide to Future Shape Consolidation Phase

(Subject to the report being approved at Cabinet on 6th July) 

Hopefully staff should already had chance to read the Future Shape report . One of the key things to note is what is termed ‘Consolidation’ process. A number of services have been clustered together to form Bundles. The Timescale for Wave One is 2009-2011 followed by Wave Two. 

Another work stream concerns group of services identified as Support Services (including HR,ICT,Legal, Finance, Audit, Procurement) 

Members will be aware that the Trade Unions have had ongoing issues about employment issues for any staff being transferred to another organisation. In the Report a ‘people’s stream’ group will be created which will give the Trade Unions an opportunity to discuss our concerns. We will be providing a more detailed briefing to members.

In the interim please read the following guidance

What you can do

1. Please try and attend one of the Chief Executive road shows which start this month.

2. Please read all UNISON Bulletins on Future Shape

3. Make sure you read the Council All Staff email bulletins in relation to Future Shape.  

4. Ask for Future Shape to included on the Agenda of your team meetings

5. If you have a query on staffing issues address it first with your line manager.

6. Read Barnet Council Press release http://www.barnet.gov.uk/press_releases.htm?id=1996

7. If you find the Future Shape Cabinet heavy going read the ‘Plain English’ version (copies on Council intranet).

8. Any questions on the report you can contact UNISON office at contactus@barnetunison,org.uk or telephone 02083592088

9. Come along to the Lobby on 6 July