Catering services…Da Vinci Code?

I was re-reading the Transact Report again……and noticed the following comments on school catering…….which said “most local authorities do not provide an in-house school catering service”

Now as someone who has always asked questions…..I really need to see some evidence for statements like this. In July 2009 the Trade Unions submitted a report to Future Shape Cabinet Committee with a number of questions in particular about the Transact Group. 

I have to say trying to find out what the group was actually doing and who was doing the doing has felt like being in a Dan Brown novel!

However, 11 months after asking for the Transact report it finally appeared in my in box…….I took a deep breath and opened the report……..had I finally got my hands on the Future Shape Da Vinci Code?……would  I finally understand the mysteries of easyCouncil? ….would I hear a choir of angels singing in my ear…………?

No….this is what I saw?

Does this report, justify the local press story or this interview with Vanessa Feltz on BBC London earlier this week.

You tell me.