UK Pensioner risks amputation if she demonstrates at Tory Headquarter to save Wardens on 22nd March

Pensioner Betty Martin, the Co chair of the UK Pensioners Strategy Committee is determined to join the demonstration on Monday 22nd March to save the UK’s Resident Sheltered Housing Wardens.  The demonstration starts at 12.00pm in Parliament Square and continues at 1.00pm outside Tory Headquarters, 30 Milbank where a letter will be handed in for the attention of David Cameron.  The message is (Are you going to change the law to protect Resident Sheltered Housing Wardens?  We need to know now, so we can advise the five hundred thousand tenants of sheltered housing and their supporters who to vote for.) 

After the demonstration a delegation of sheltered housing tenants will hand in similar letters at the Liberal Democrat Headquarters for Nick Clegg, and 10 Downing for the Prime Minister.

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