Barnet Council block UNISON questions for EC Harris and Capita Symonds

Last month UNISON submitted the following question for the Bidders for the DRS contract  

1.    What does your model look like?

2.    When will you know?

3.    What is your legal advice about outsourcing some statutory functions?

4.     Are there any roles which your model does not believe can be outsourced?

If yes, which are they?

5.    Does your model look at secondment as an option?

If yes, which roles are involved?

6.    Does your model look at adopting dual employment?

If yes, which roles and how will this be applied?

7.    Does your model reflect that some roles will have to remain in house?

If yes which roles

8.    At the Meet the Bidders briefings a number of our members asked about the issue of conflict of interest.

How does your model deal with perceived and or conflict of interest? How does you model manage and mitigate these interests?

The Council refused to submit these questions to the Bidders, this is but another example of how ‘commercial confidentiality’ will be used to avoid public scrutiny of public services delivered by the private sector.