One Barnet Outsourcing …’s never too late to say no!

Question: “Can a Council which has gone so far down the road of privatisation decide not to award the contract to the private sector companies?”

Answer: “Yes they can as long as they have sound reasons to do so.”

Lets look at Edinburgh Council who had launched a mass privatisation programme and at the eleventh hour voted to keep services in house. In the minutes of their Council Meeting on 19 January 2012 they decided the following:

3) To further note that an internal improvement plan had been developed which had the potential to deliver significant improvements and savings to in-house service delivery and to agree:

(i) To develop the vision of the Integrated Facilities Management internal improvement plan and instruct the Chief Executive Officer to take appropriate steps to secure implementation of internal improvement.

To view the full minutes of the meeting click

There it is, if the business case is not there then the Council can retain its in-house services.

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