100 PLUS reasons why One Barnet is high risk and bad for residents and services


The One Barnet Programme is just one in a series of mad cap ideas which seeks to hand over public services to the private sector. The One Barnet Programme has been through a number of iterations over the last four years firstly as Future Shape, then EasyCouncil and now One Barnet although that is changing to the Commissioning Council later this year.

Whatever the name another team of expensive consultants come up with it is sadly just the same tired old ideology Private Good, Public Bad’.

However critics of this approach are coming from unlikely circles, earlier this month Sir Merrick Richard Cockell Conservative Leader of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and Chairman of the Local Government Association has come out against this anti public services mantra.

Merrick Cockell called into question the belief that local authorities should be looking to “outsource everything”.

There were some services better performed by the private sector, but the quality of other services run by councils with the “tightest budgets” had been “underestimated”.

In-house services could enable the public sector to adapt to changing environments, he said.

“If you’ve got IT in-house, actually you can be very responsive to change. If you’ve got IT outsourced … every time you want to change it, you have to renegotiate… and that takes time,” he told the newspaper.

Over the last four years our union has submitted over 30 detailed reports to the Council in an attempt to discuss an alternative less risk approach to delivering services to the residents of Barnet.

But time is running out in just over a 100 days’ time (6 December) a handful of Conservative councillors will sit in a committee room in Hendon Town Hall and agree a contract worth up to £750 million to either Capita or BT.

UNISON is still seeking a meeting with the Leader and members of his Cabinet to discuss an alternative to the high risk £billion pound One Barnet gamble.

Until we have this meeting today marks the begining of a hundred (there may be  more) reasons why One Barnet Programme needs to be abandoned and an alternative plan be approved.

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18. Poor procurement and contract management


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29. One Barnet the wrong approach to transformation


30. One Barnet – Failure to assess options


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52. Sefton Council to end £65m technical services contract with Capita Symonds http://www.liverpooldailypost.co.uk/liverpool-news/regional-news/2011/11/25/sefton-council-to-end-65m-technical-services-contract-with-capita-symonds-92534-29838970/

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55. The value of returning local authority services in-house in an era of budget constraints http://www.unison.org.uk/acrobat/20122.pdf

56. A day last year when President Obama expressed a wish to meet the Famous Five Bloggers http://youtu.be/XKBPUBSFGZI

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62. Government urged to ditch Capita after ILA failure http://www.timeshighereducation.co.uk/story.asp?storyCode=170259&sectioncode=26

63.  National Express slumps into red after rail fiasco http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/transport/7318295/National-Express-slumps-into-red-after-rail-fiasco.html#

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68. http://www.european-services-strategy.org.uk/outsourcing-ppp-library/contract-and-privatisation-failures/105-public-sector-ict-contract-failures/105-ict-contracts.pdf

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92. BT will agree to drop a threat to sue the Liverpool council for £56m. http://ning.it/NKn2SN another Joint Venture which failed to deliver

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100. BREAKING NEWS One Barnet Mastermind Special Edition local resident scores top marks http://youtu.be/8Wb3QloW7No

101. Union joins chorus asking for Cornwall Council privatisation plans to be paused “The proposals, which was rejected by a majority of councillors at the authority yesterday afternoon, would see up to 1,000 staff transferred to a new private company.” http://www.thisisthewestcountry.co.uk/news/cornwall_news/9911304.Union_joins_chorus_asking_for_Cornwall_Council_privatisation_plans_to_be_paused/

102. Cabinet ignores vote by council


103. Confirmed – Southwest One to sue Somerset, but Surrey Police halt their outsource http://www.thisisplymouth.co.uk/Cabinet-ignores-vote-council/story-16836691-detail/story.html

104. Briefing Number 1 Briefing Number 1 Edinburgh an example of an alternative http://www.barnetunison.me.uk/sites/default/files/Edinburgh.pdf

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112. Briefing Number 9 ‘Regulatory Services & Risk’ http://www.barnetunison.me.uk/sites/default/files/Briefing%20Number%209%20-%20Regulatory%20Services%20&%20Risk.pdf

113. Barnet resident debunks Graph of Doom with Graph of Choices http://ning.it/PoyAfv