UNISON One Barnet Online Bite size briefings

Barnet UNISON has produced over 40 detailed reports throughout the four year life of the Future Shape/EasyCouncil/One Barnet Programme.

You can view all of our reports and much much more here Since the beginning of September 2012 UNISON branch has been producing a series of ‘bite size briefing for all 63 councillors.

Briefing Number 1 Edinburgh an example of an alternative http://ning.it/NMdRS3

Briefing Number 2 Cornwall Council Joint Venture http://ning.it/PPYy19

Briefing Number 3 on Joint Venture to sue Somerset Council http://ning.it/OonDtD

Briefing Number 4 Street Lighting PFI http://ning.it/QVN0Eo

Briefing Number 5 entitled “What are Joint Ventures?” http://ning.it/QVN3QS

Briefing Number 6 entitled ‘G4S Fiasco’ to all 63 councillors http://ning.it/QVN9bd

Briefing Number 7 – “One Barnet contract monitoring or thin client which is it to be?” http://ning.it/QVNdaV

Briefing Number 8 entitled How Joint Ventures Work http://ning.it/PPYChs

Briefing Number 9 – Regulatory Services & Risk http://ning.it/PPYE99

Briefing Number 10 Graph of Doom or Graph of Fantasy? http://ning.it/PPYEGe

Briefing Number 11 entitled Competitive Dialogue – decision making. http://www.barnetunison.me.uk/sites/default/files/Briefing%20Number%2011%20Competitive%20Dialogue%20’Decision%20taking%20′.pdf

Briefing Number 12 Newcastle “A good model of staff engagement.” http://ning.it/PPYO0a

Briefing Number 13 Benefit Administration & Outsourcing – New Support Customer Services Organisation http://ning.it/QVRfA5

Briefing Number 14 Cornwall Council update http://ning.it/R5iNmF

Briefing Number 15 Strategic Partnerships http://ning.it/Qktbfn

Briefing Number 16 Flexible Contracts http://ning.it/RQvRwm

Briefing Number 17 Alternative 10 Point Plan http://ning.it/RQvMsK