10 steps to learn more about One Barnet

1. Watch the film ‘A Tale of Two Barnets’ http://ning.it/PUBMVP

 2. Listen to Ken Loach talk about the One Barnet Billion Pound Gamble Film http://ning.it/PIzXpv

3. Watch the Billion Pound Gamble Film Trailer http://ning.it/PvZYxF

4. Listen to Mr Reasonable explain all about the OneBarnet magical box http://ning.it/P4vPVW

5. Watch the Billion Pound Gamble Animation http://ning.it/Qp5Adx

 6. Watch Barnet Residents occupy Hendon Town Hall http://ning.it/W7a08n

7. Listen to a Barnet resident speak at Barnet Full Council meeting http://ning.it/WgcUZ2

8. Learn about the Occupation of Friern Library here http://ning.it/W7alIe

9. Save Friern campaign showing how to campaign against the cuts http://ning.it/XhYQ1R

10. Watch the excellent short film called ‘A Polite Revolution’  http://ning.it/W7b7Fc