Barnet UNISON submits London Living Wage proposal to Fremantle Trust

Last June 2013 Fremantle signed a ten year contract with Barnet Council

There was some concern raised about the award here and here however the Council decided a deal was a deal and signed the contract.

Last week Richard Cornelius (Leader of Barnet Council), spoke about the decision of Barnet Council to apply a London Living Wage (LLW) rate of £8.80 per hour for all employees. He added:

“It is something we want to be part of,” he told The Press. “People should be paid enough to live on if they are going to work for us. It is something we have aspired to do for a long time.”

Barnet UNISON wholeheartedly agrees with the phrase “People should be paid enough to live on” in particular something needs to be done to address the relentless attack on the morale and well being of care workers. They have a trusted & critical role in the safe provision of care to those in need. They are some of the lowest paid workers in our society and feeling the cost of living crisis more than most.

Today Barnet UNISON submitted a London Living Wage proposal to Fremantle Trust to view our letter click here.

This is part of our wider campaign to write to all contractors delivering services on behalf of Barnet Council.