Open Plus/Staff less Libraries – Danish Union response

Statement from Tine Jorgensen, Chair of the Danish Union of Librarians

“Libraries play a crucial role in a modern, democratic society as cultural, social and educational institutions. Libraries offer access to information, literature (fiction and non-fiction) and digital resources and engaging the population in active citizenship regardless of social and economic differences.

Libraries support learning activities in terms of reading, information seeking and validation of search results. Studies show that children who are keen readers in their spare time read considerably better than those who do not show interest in reading.  Librarians support this with their knowledge of books and reading levels.

Libraries also play a role in terms of digital resources. When the Danish Business Authority introduced the digital mailbox the libraries and library staff supported the digital strategy by offering assistance and learning activities for the citizens


Therefore self-serviced or unstaffed libraries are only to be seen as an enhancement of the opening hours, not as a replacement for the important tasks that librarians, information professionals and other library workers perform every day.”