Teaching Assistants (TA) – Call to action by Barnet UNISON

Barnet UNISON has just sent out letters to every TA working in a community school.

The letter explains the Group Appeal process and asks all TAs to complete a short form about the work that they do.

It is critically important that TAs complete the form and send back in the business reply envelope provided.

The other day I was asked by a TA the following question.

What might they gain or lose

1) If they vote for the appeal?

2) If they vote against the appeal?

My response was swift and clear.

If TA’s don’t vote for YES for an appeal they miss out on a 6/7% pay increase.

The Budget yesterday has confirmed there is no chance of a break in the PUBLIC SECTOR PAY FREEZE.

Barnet UNISON has looked at the TA grades and believes there are grounds to Appeal.

We want to give TAs in Barnet a chance to get a pay rise.

Barnet UNISON Nursery Nurses won their Grading Appeal because they responded to our call for action, they provided the critical information that delivered a pay rise for Nursery Nurses.

Here is a quick reminder of what their UNISON reps had to say about their Group Grading Appeal.

“Barnet Nursery Nurses won their appeal! This would not have happened without the support and dedication of John Burgess and Unison. Thank you from us all.”

Beverley (UNISON Nursery Nurse rep).

“Barnet unison remained resolute in their commitment throughout this appeal. Showing the importance of working together to ensure ever member has a voice, this was paramount to secure this momenta’s positive conclusion for Barnet Nursery Nurses.”

Elaine Thompson Unison Nursery Nurse Rep.

“Unison has provided steadfast support to the nursery nurses since as far back as 2009. John Burgess in particular advised and guided the three nursery teams that went through the federation process, resulting in a much better staffing structure than had originally been offered. Throughout every occurrence Unison has kept their members informed and updated so much so that when Unified pay come over the horizon we all had every confidence that our best interests were at the heart of any negotiations they were involved in.  The confidence and determination/ tenacity shown by the Unison team was infectious and made us all the more determined to at least have our say. Knowing John Burgess had championed others and been successful gave us hope and spurred us on to do our homework, galvanise as workers and put our case to the powers that be. Happily we were successful and I’m sure that with Unison on your side any workers have a fighting chance. Good luck comrades!”

Ruth Kevin (UNISON rep)

If you have not had a letter please contact the Barnet UNISON office on 0208 359 2088 or email contactus@barnetunison.org.uk