Barnet Council: “Listen to Street Scene workforce”

Barnet UNISON: Response to Street Scene Operational Changes 2018-19

Barnet UNISON Recommendations:

To ensure the successful implementation of the reorganisation of the recycling and refuse services Barnet UNISON seeks the support of the Environment Committee to implement the following:

  1. Street Scene workforce and Barnet UNISON must have a direct involvement/engagement in any proposed changes to the service.
  2.  One central depot for the whole workforce.
  3. No cuts to frontline workforce: A recognition that by increasing the size of the population of the borough ultimately means the workforce and fleet must grow.
  4. Pay: An immediate and timely investigation into the systemic pay roll issues for Street Scene workforce is conducted in order to restore the trust, confidence and morale of the workforce.
  5. A programme for the replacement of ageing fleet to commence.

To view full report click link 2018.06.01 UNISON Response FINAL