No Pay Progression payments this month

Some Barnet Council staff may have received the following email explaining why the payments have not been made. Please see email below:

“We are aware that all staff will be expecting their pay progression to be paid imminently. Unfortunately there has been a delay due to the final stage of moderation needing to take place.

The final stage of moderation is for SCB to ratify the ratings awarded to staff and this is being discussed at SCB next week. We recognise that this delay will be disappointing for you but we also need to make sure that any pay progression awarded is fair and equitable, and in line with the pay progression policy.

After the discussion at SCB next week we will be able to share more information with you and let you know next steps. Please note that the pay progression awards will be back dated to 1 April 2018.

We want to thank all staff in advance for your patience and understanding of this delay whilst we work to make sure you are properly recognised and rewarded for your performance and contribution.”

Firstly, it is disappointing to have only learnt this news so late in the day.

Barnet UNISON has already sought assurances that the payments will be made as we believe they are contractual.

We are already lobbying senior management for details as to when the payments will be made.

In September 2018, Barnet UNISON will be holding workplace meetings with members in order we can discuss a number of serious matters that impact on all of our members such as

  • Performance Review payments
  • Sick pay Deductions
  • Capita
  • Restructures and Council Finances

Please make sure you find time to attend one of these meetings.