Mr Reasonable on why residents need to #KickOutCapita from Barnet Council

Mr Reasonable on why residents need to #KickOutCapita from Barnet Council

Come and listen to John Dix aka Mr Reasonable, explain the ramifications of the recent damning Grant Thornton audit review in language which is clear and easy to understand.

Meeting hosted by Barnet Alliance for Public Services (BAPS)

Tuesday 2nd October


Greek Cypriot Centre, 2 Britannia Rd, London N12 9RU

 Why attend the meeting ?

Mr Reasonable had this to say about the audit review:

“The Grant Thornton report highlights Capita’s repeated failure to get basic control systems right, allowing 62 fraudulent transactions to go undetected for 17 months. New systems to address this problem have now been put in place but the report paints a broader picture of institutionalised indifference, weak management and a lack of care. Barnet residents were forced to entrust critical functions of the council to Capita. Five years on, many residents believe that there is no longer any trust in Capita to deliver council services efficiently and securely. They must go.”

This is what John McDonnell Shadow Chancellor had to say about the audit review:

“The Grant Thornton (GT) review of the two Capita contracts in Barnet provides yet more evidence of the folly of privatisation of public services. When I read “significant financial control weaknesses…“poor accounting controls” in the GT review it summed up what I have been saying about the current Tory government. They have failed our economy by rewarding their friends in big business, leaving our communities and public services to suffer at the hands their brutal austerity policies. I want to send a personal message of solidarity from the Labour Party Conference to Barnet UNISON and the residents who have fought side by side against a right wing mass outsourcing ideology. I fully support your campaign to #KickOutCapita from Barnet and bring services back in-house.”

You can read the four reviews yourself on the Barnet Council web site

Here is the Barnet UNISON Press release here