“How bad must it get before Barnet Council terminate the two Capita contracts?”

This report is a collection of published online articles in 2018 that relate to Capita failure and organisations taking services back in-house.

Barnet Council is currently conducting a review of both Capita contracts.

However, history of decision making in Barnet leaves Barnet UNISON with a feeling of dread.

Barnet Council likes to be different, to buck the trend hence the easyCouncil model was pushed through despite the best efforts of Barnet UNISON and community campaigners and Barnet Bloggers.

In 2018 Capita issued a Profit warning which saw their Share price drop over the cliff literally days after Carillion collapsed. We now know Government were still awarding contracts to Carillion even when it was clear their share price was going through the floor.

Today 26 October 2018 Capita Share price is £1.20

View our report here How bad must it get