Victims of the Outsourcing Nightmare

“I don’t know if I have the strength to apply for jobs again. I love my job. I love working here. I’m good at doing what I do. I’d made plans around this being a secure job.” 

These are sorts of things colleagues facing redundancy in Children’s Centres are saying, usually through a veil of tears.

Remember this photo?

North London Business Park, New Southgate.
Unison members go on strike over pay and conditions at Barnet Council.
Jeremy Corbin MP also made a visit to show his support.
Anne-Marie Sanderson.

It shows Coppetts Wood Childrens Centre workers on the picket line 2015 joining all members in the fight against outsourcing.

The last 3-4 weeks Barnet UNISON has seen one Children’s Centre worker after another in tears. They are being made redundant as Barnet Council cut its budget to school’s based Children’s Centres by £½ million. This has meant that Fairway, Coppetts Wood, Bell Lane and Barnfield Children’s Centres have around 1/3 sliced from their budget. 

Many of these colleagues have been working for Barnet between 10-20 years offering valuable support to vulnerable families and their young children.

But they have done more than this. They have given solidarity to the branch and our members. Coppetts Wood most recently joined our protest about the fire alarms in Barnet House. 

Children’s Centre Staff urgently need your solidarity and support – something they have so readily shared with us.

Please send the branch your thoughts for us to pass on to these workers and come to the Capita Enquiry.