General Secretary Ballot Opens 28th October. Use Your Vote!

UNISON is holding an election to choose who will be the next General Secretary to lead the union for the next five years. The General Secretary is the most senior role in the union and is the public face of UNISON at home and abroad.

Now it’s time for UNISON members to choose the person who leads the union. All current members, including retired members, who were in membership on 28 June 2020 have the right to vote. Ballot papers will be sent to the most recent home address you have given UNISON. You are being asked to vote for the person who speaks up for you with employers and politicians; who will make the case on issues that matter to you.

The General Secretary represents UNISON – and you – when talking to the media, other unions, employers and to parliament. It is important to have your say in electing the union’s leader.

Barnet UNISON nominated Paul Holmes – here’s why: