You are not worthless, you are just worth less! It must be the Barnet Group!


The Barnet Group Board at a meeting on Monday the 23rd of November have awarded a 2% pay rise for workers in the Barnet Group who do not have Barnet Homes contracts or are on Minimum Wage or the London Living Wage.

This is less than the 2.75% pay rise awarded to Barnet Homes contracted staff or any other staff that work for Barnet Council.

If you are a frontline Care worker on Minimum Wage or the London Living Wage working for Barnet Group on behalf of Barnet Council – you will receive nothing 0%.

You got applause


The Barnet Group and Barnet Council pride themselves on being organisations that put Fairness and Equality First, at least that’s what we tell the Public we serve – so what about Barnet Group staff who are working through Lockdown providing essential services to the Public on behalf of Barnet Council?

Are some staff and the work they do worth less than others?