Nafsiyat Reflective Sessions

Nafsiyat Reflective Sessions by London Borough of Barnet

While 2020 has been a momentous year for many reasons, the death of George Floyd and subsequent Black Lives Matter movement has been seen by many as a turning point that has encouraged people to speak out, call out discrimination when they see it, and fight for a more equal and just society. Here in Barnet, the council has also made a series of commitments to ensure equalities and diversity are at the forefront of our decision making, for residents and for staff.

And we know that so many of you have a lot that you want to say, and share with colleagues. That’s why we have begun a new partnership with Nafsiyat, an organisation established in 1983 to ensure that the diverse religious, cultural and ethnic communities in London could access culturally appropriate psychotherapy and counselling services. It was the first therapy centre in the country to take account of the cultural background of the patient and therapist and recognise its importance.

So we are introducing, from next week, a series of ‘reflective sessions’. These will be group sessions for up to 10 people. Their aim is to allow staff to reflect, particularly on the Black Lives Matter movement and how it may have affected them, but also more widely on the society in which we live and discrimination that they may have faced. The sessions are open to staff from any ethnic, cultural or religious background and should be considered a ‘safe and confidential space’ to talk about anything.

Book your place on one of the session times below here. All sessions will be run on Zoom:

Monday 7th December 12:30-13:45

Friday 11th December 11:00-12:15

Friday 22nd January 11:00-12:15

Monday 25th January 12:30-13:45

Friday 19th February 11:00-12:15

Monday 22nd February 12:30-13:45

To book a session please click on the below link