URGENT: All Barnet UNISON members meeting Weds 6 Jan at 6.30 pm

Dear Barnet UNISON members

Things are changing so quickly and the rate of infection extremely worrying as are the increasing number of deaths from COVID.

UNISON has already responded to the clear and present danger in the schools workplace which has seen many of our members send in section 44 letters to their employers.

You can read about these letters here on our website http://www.barnetunison.me.uk/wp/2021/01/03/important-update-for-barnet-unison-members-in-schools/

Barnet UNISON sincerely hopes you all had the best and most relaxing time possible over the Christmas break considering the circumstances. It has certainly not been made easy by the Government.

We have continued to be exposed to one last minute decision after another and with dubious positive effect on keeping infection rates low as they are all botched jobs. Anxieties have gone through the roof and we are all running around trying to pick up the pieces. Some pieces remain sadly permanently broken. We are offering this zoom meeting to all our members to get a sense of how each employer is handling the latest crisis and offering our advice.

Our nursery schools have shown that our front line members can bring about the change which is needed to keep communities safe.

It is worth noting how different this all could have been. Two weeks before the Christmas break the German Government could see the direction of travel of the infection rates. They decided to cut their losses and gave a full half week notice of a total lockdown to start one week before the Christmas break and which would continue for one week after the Christmas break. This was disappointing for its citizens but at least they then knew exactly what they were dealing with and could PLAN!

We want to be able to support all of our members regardless of which employer you work for.

We want to know if you are well and if you feel safe at work.

Our all members UNISON meeting is on Wednesday 6 January 2021 6:30 pm.

Joining details for UNISON Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 841 2858 7345

Passcode: 902996