NEC Nominations

Why Barnet UNISON Made Its Nominations for UNISON’s NEC

The nominations we made were of reps who supported the Paul Holmes for General Secretary Election campaign. We want our union to be more outspoken in its strategy for winning against the Government. Solidarity should be offered without people having to ask first. We want to win better terms and conditions for our members, to keep our members safe and to fight discrimination. This means being more accountable to the ordinary member with more resources going to the branches. The reps we nominated have a track record of supporting that outlook and acting on it. It’s time for real change.

Barnet UNISON Nominates Reps for UNISON NEC

The National Executive Council is made up of 63 delegates which members vote on based on their relevant constituency in the union. Each member of UNISON is likely to belong to a number of constituencies and so will have multiple votes. Please use your vote when it comes.

Barnet UNISON Branch Executive met on 9th of February and agreed on a number of nominations so that these people can stand in the NEC elections.

Barnet UNISON nominated:

Greater London (Regional) seats

Helen Davies (female seat)

Liz Wheatley (female seat)

Anju Paul (low paid reserved female seat)

Amerit Rait (male seat)


Local Government (Service Group) seats

Jane Doolan (female seat)

Andrea Egan (female seat)

Paul Holmes (male seat)

Diana Leach (general seat)


Community (Service Group) seats

Saoirse Fanning (female seat)

Kevin Jackson (male seat)


Black Members (Self Organised Group) seats

April Ashley (female seat)

Hugo Pierre (male seat)

Julia Mwaluke (reserved low paid female seat)


Disabled Members (Self Organised Group) seats

Paula Carlyle (female seat)

Sharron Nicholl (general seat)


Young Members (Self Organised Group) seats

Lilly Boulby (female seat)

Kiera Hilder (general seat)