Future Shape – Do you work in the following services?

Do you work in the following services?

  • Finance
  • ICT
  • HR
  • Procurement
  • Communications, design and print
  • Performance monitoring
  • Facilities management
  • Audit
  • Legal
  • Democratic Services (support elements)
  • Fleet Management
  • Catering
  • Traded services for schools.

These services being looked at in the Future Shape Support Group.

 Each service will have to go through the 9 Future Shape Tests

·         Cost significantly less.

·         Take a different view of need, based on engaging with our population as citizens rather than customers of specific services.

·         Are strategic and integrated, ensuring that resources are targetted to achieve priority outcomes.

·         Facilitate greater self-help and service co-creation amongst members of our community.

·         Are based on a clear contract between the citizens and services.

·         Inspire behavioural change amongst our residents and businesses

·         Can be accessed on the basis of citizen life challenges.

·         Help citizens to achieve better outcomes in their lives

·         Are democratically accountable

This Group began 19 March and is due to finish on 17 April.

You can view the Agenda and minutes of all the Group meetings here


You will need your Login details.

We know that lots of our members do not have Login details or have forgotten them. We will try and update our website with the details so members can view the information without the need of a Login. We have asked for hard copies of this information to be provided to staff.

Members please note that this Group will be making recommendations to the



Future Shape Cabinet Committee on 8 June 2009.

Future Shape – The Leaders view

“For Barnet, the real prize is in re-shaping public services across the borough, which is why we are looking at ambitious proposals for the future shape of the council itself.”

“There have been many voices encouraging us to jump to conclusions too fast over the last six months, which would result in either poorly thought through recommendations or insufficiently radical thinking.”

For those of you not wanting to read the whole document scroll down to page 81 to 87 for details on Barnet


End of jargon? –YES PLEASE!

End of jargon? –YES PLEASE!

This Press release from the Local Government Association is to be welcomed to those of us who sometimes feel that we need to have one of those United Nations translators when reading public sector reports.

To view the press release click on link here 

Future Shape – How YOU can get involved?

What we need from you?

We understand that our members have busy lives and unable to make time to attend more meetings. So we are conducting consultation through the internet and ‘traditional’ (by post).

We have devised Four Groups

1. Strengthening democratic government and community participation

2. Community need for public services

3. Improved coordination and shared services

4. Harnessing technology to improve service delivery

We have Common questions for all groups

1. What are your ideas for the future of your service or group of services, taking account that you will not have access to significant additional resources in the near future?

2. What is the key change which will get your proposals implemented – is this better use of existing resources, pooling of budgets, changing the management of service delivery, greater operational freedom for staff and/or organisational change – or something else?

3. What changes are needed in the Council’s organisational structure?

4. Consider the inputs, processes, outputs and outcomes for each proposal.

Group 1

Strengthening democratic government and community participation

1. Do you have specific proposals to improve democratic accountability in Barnet to increase community participation in decision-making processes?

2. What should be the main elements of a Community Charter to increase community participation in Barnet?

3. What effect will the Future Shape organisational structure have for democratic accountability and community participation?

4. How can existing arrangements and legislation (for example the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment – PCT and Council and the Local Government Act 2007) be used to improve community participation?

Group 2

Community need for public services

1. What effect will a long recession have on the need and demand for public services in Barnet (both Council and other services)?

2. Is there a need for new services which are either not currently provided or provided on a small scale?

3. What are the key improvements that community organisations and the voluntary sector are demanding from the Council?

4. Are there any services or functions which the Council or other public bodies in Barnet do not currently provide but should do so

5. Are there any services or functions carried out by the Council and other public bodies in Barnet which could be reduced or terminated?

6. What is the community experience of services which have already been outsourced or externalised to arms length organisations by the Council or other public bodies in Barnet?

Group 3

Improved coordination and shared services

1. What is the scope for better coordination of service delivery between the Council and other public services in Barnet (such the Primary Care Trust, the NHS, Barnet College, the Police, Middlesex University, Jobcentres?)

Identify the services – are they limited to ‘back offices services’

What is the scope for better coordination and integration?

How can this be achieved and implemented

Identify the improvements/benefits which can be achieved

Are there any costs/savings?

Are organisational changes needed?

2. Is there scope for more formal shared service delivery between the Council and other public services in Barnet?

3. Do you think there is scope for Barnet Council to establish shared services projects with other London Boroughs?

4. What are the political and economic advantages and disadvantages of shared services projects?

Group 4

Harnessing technology to improve service delivery

1. What is the scope for introducing new technology to improve service delivery?

2. What impact will these changes have on the organisation of work, working practice, staffing levels and accommodation needs?

3. Do you think the ideas for the application of new technology being discussed in the Council’s Future Shape group are workable?

YOU decide which Group and questions you want to contribute to.

You can send in your views, contributions by email to contactus@barnetunison.org.uk or return your comments in the pre paid envelope provided in the letter you received from the branch.


“It’s all gone quiet over there …it’s all gone quiet over there!”

Members have been asking what is going on with Future Shape. There has not been much on the intranet and the Trade Unions have not been consulting with their members.

Firstly we are not keeping anything from our members. Since the turn of the year we have had only two meetings with the Future Shape lead.

We support the intention for transparency throughout the process and have asked that those without access to the intranet be provided regular communication on developments. We will endeavour to keep members updated with news on progress of the groups and our input.  

Earlier this year we received a report on the Future Shape Groups

To view click here

Two weeks ago we received a report on the proposed outline for the Groups.

To view click here

& Group membership

To view click here

As you can see the Seven Groups have a considerable amount of work to get through before a Future Shape report has to be submitted to the 8 June Cabinet Committee. Each Group will meet at least four times over the next few months.

The Trade Unions were not allowed to be part of the Groups. In order to try and ensure we are able to take part in the consultation process we are arranging to meet with the Group Leaders before each meeting.

To date we have met with 5 of the 7 Group Lead and should have met with all of them by Wednesday this week.

Whilst we will try to keep updating our members on Future Shape you should try and keep checking the Council Future Shape intranet site for the latest news. Each Group will be uploading minutes of meetings and the work plans. If you have any questions of any of the Groups it is important that you ask them now.

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