What happened at the trade unions meeting with councillors 13 January?

The Joint Trade Unions presented the Welfare Rights budget report and a budget briefing to the committee.


The councillors voted to accept receipt of reports in order we could discuss the content.


Welfare Rights/Sheltered Housing


·        How will the existing work of the Unit be covered if the unit is closed?

·        What approaches have been made (or are going to be made) to the third sector to cover the work of the Unit?

·        Has a disability impact assessment been carried out to determine affect of closing the Unit?

·        Has any consultation with service users been undertaken?

·        how will the views expressed be incorporated into the budget consultation process


Agency figures

We have asked for details of agency staff in order to ensure that there are opportunities for redeployment of staff vulnerable to redundancy.


Consultants spend

We have asked for consultancy spends across the directorates


Children’s Services

On the proposals affecting staff working in Children’s Services we were informed that talks on the restructures would be taking place with the trade unions. Reports on the outcomes of these consultations will follow.