Solidarity statement 4 John Burgess

Standing up against Bullies of People with Mental Health Issues

We know John made it public knowledge that he suffered a serious mental health breakdown last year. Whatever anyone may think about such a revelation surely it should not attract a vindictive attempt to undermine his mental health.

Unfortunately John has recently received an email seemingly calculated to undermine his mental health. We will not stand by in silence whilst someone in our movement is bullied in this way.

By signing this statement we are expressing our solidarity with John Burgess and our disgust at this opportunistic and calculated attack on someone recovering from a serious health condition.


Please go to this link to read a fuller story about this attack:

Name, Position,  Organisation or branch

  1. John McDonnell MP Shadow Chancellor
  2. Mark SERWOTKA PCS General Secretary
  3. ‪Ian Hodson President BFAWU ‬
  4. Helen Davies Branch Chair Barnet UNISON
  5. Hugh Jordan Libraries Convenor Barnet UNISON
  6. Patrick Hunter Convenor Barnet Unison
  7. Maggi Myland Barnet UNISON Retired member
  8. Chris Jobson Barnet UNISON Rep
  9. Sid Ronayne Barnet UNISON Rep
  10. Claire Locke Chair London Metropolitan University UNISON
  11. Claire Dixon Branch Secretary, UNISON Whittington Hospital branch
  12. John Harris Ex Chair UNISON Whittington Hospital branch
  13. Alex Lines Chair UNISON Whittington Hospital branch
  14. Jackie Taylor UNISON Whittington Hospital branch
  15. Sonya Howard Branch Secretary, UNISON Kensington & Chelsea, NEC
  16. Phoebe Watkins Branch Co-Chair Camden UNISON
  17. Hugo Pierre Schools Convenor Camden UNISON , NEC
  18. Amerit Rait Shop Steward UNISON Whittington Hospital branch
  19. Brian Debus Chair Hackney UNISON
  20. Alex Tarry Branch Secretary London Metropolitan University UNISON
  21. Tony Phillips Branch Secretary UNISON London Fire Authority
  22. Diana Swingler UNISON rep Homerton UNISON
  23. Tanya Murat Convenor Greenwich UNISON
  24. Sandy Nichol SOAS UNISON Branch Secretary
  25. Philip Lewis, Camden UNISON Vice Chair & Branch Health & Safety officer & Convenor supporting people directorate, UNISON Regional Health & Safety Comm. Vice Chair Unison NHSC
  26. Paula Peters DPAC activist, member of Mental Health Resistance Network and Equalities Officer SE London Unite Community
  27. Esther Rey Hounslow UNISON joint branch secretary
  28. Floyd Codlin, PCS Arms, PCS Culture GEC
  29. Tim O’Dell, Libraries shop steward, Lambeth
  30. Linda Burnip, DPAC co-founder and UNISON member
  31. Karen Raynor, Customer Support Assistant, Unison Steward for Bradford Libraries.
  32. Dave Honeybone, Doncaster District and Bassetlaw health steward.
  33. George Binette, Camden UNISON Branch Secretary & Chair, Camden TC
  34. Dean Ryan: Shop Steward Islington Unison.
  35. Sasha Simic, Shop Steward USDAW C133 Central Books branch.
  36. Ruth Cashman, Branch Secretary Lambeth UNISON.
  37. Brad Charteris, Psychotherapist.
  38. Gareth Lane BFAWU community organiser.
  39. Ben Sellers, Secretary, County Durham Trades Union Council.
  40. Dave Auger Wolverhampton deputy branch sec
  41. Sara Wright, Middlesex University Branch, Branch Chair.
  42. Roger Hutt, Doncaster and Bassetlaw steward
  43. Alan Wylie, Unison member & campaigner
  44. Bob Ellard, DPAC
  45. Arthur Nicoll, Communications Officer – Dundee City Unison, Scottish LG Cttee
  46. John Sullivan parent of an adult daughter with learning difficulties , John has spent years fighting for along with her peers and her support staff.
  47. Andy Squires Doncaster and Bassetlaw Health Branch.
  48. Jenny Compton-Bishop Middlesex University Retired Member
  49. Caroline Powls Member Brent Unison
  50. Janette Evans secretary Barnet Branch Unite community , member Mental Health Resistance Network.
  51. Sid Ronayne Barnet UNISON steward.
  52. Adrian Kennett Hull Unison
  53. Jon Rogers, UNISON NEC.
  54. Candy Udwin PCS National Gallery.
  55. John McLoughlin Branch Secretary/SGE Tower Hamlets UNISON
  56. Dan Sartin Branch Secretary West Sussex UNISON
  57. Ron Cohen CWU member
  58. David Ball Steward Barnet UNISON
  59. Theresa Musgrove Broken Barnet Blog
  60. Derek Dishman blogger “Mr Mustard”
  61. A.M. Poppy Barnet Activist
  62. Dave Knight Retired Waltham Forest UNISON
  63. Sarah Littlewood Deputy Branch Secretary Hull LG Branch
  64. Janet Bryan NEC Branch Treasurer Convenor Bolton UNISON
  65. Paul Couchman Deputy Branch Secretary Surrey County UNISON
  66. Sherril Johnston NSL steward Barnet UNISON
  67. Rebecca Call Women’s Officer Wirral UNISON
  68. Ian Davies Community Member Scunthorpe
  69. Ian Thomas Health SGE UNISON Wales
  70. Tony Staunton UNITE member
  71. Raymie Kiernan NUJ member
  72. Mike Calvert Deputy Branch Secretary Islington UNISON
  73. Martin Clark FE college steward Glasgow City UNISON
  74. Mark Evans Branch Secretary Camarthenshire County UNISON
  75. Florence Hill Retired Branch Chair Bolton UNISON
  76. Jane Doolan Branch Secretary Islington UNISON
  77. Steve Day Branch secretary BFAWU
  78. Kevin Ward Labour Link officer Middlesex University UNISON
  79. Ben Jackson Branch secretary pc Manchester Community and Mental Health UNISON
  80. Barry Blinko retired member Westminster University
  81. Karen Reissmann member/ NEC pc Bolton Salford Trafford UNISON
  82. Liz James steward Barnet UNISON
  83. Stephen Wood Hillingdon UNISON
  84. Osman Ahmed Sade ULR rep UNISON
  85. Suzy Franklin honorary President Plymouth Trade Council 2017 – former UNISON Health branch secretary (Plymouth Derriford Hospital Health branch before it was killed off by region) NEC southwest and staunch John Burgess supporter
  86. Keith Wilcox Hillingdon UNISON
  87. Raymundo Obedencio Barnet Green Party
  88. Philippa Whitecross
  89. Petros Elia General Secretary United Voices of the World
  90. Matt Ratcliffe Branch Secretary Hillingdon UNISON
  91. Sharon Benjamin Assistant Branch Secretary Hillingdon UNISON
  92. Jo Cardwell Vice Chair Islington UNISON
  93. Gary Padgett Lincolnshire County UNISON
  94. Lorna Solomon Branch Chair Homerton UNISON
  95. Megan Charlton Secretary Durham Teaching assistants UNISON
  96. Liz Wheatley Assistant Branch Secretary Camden UNISON
  97. Roger Lewis Assistant Branch Secretary pc Lambeth UNISON
  98. Shirley Franklin Chair Defend Whittington Hospital coalition
  99. Theresa Rollinson Health SGE pc Doncaster and Bassetlaw UNISON
  100. Keith Martin Former chief accountant NALGO
  101. Jenny Leow Homerton UNISON
  102. Jordan Rivera Branch Secretary Homerton UNISON
  103. Jim Board Branch Secretary Doncaster UNISON
  104. Yunus Bakhsh formerly branch secretary Newcastle City Health UNISON; Northern region NEC and Health SGE 25 years a psychiatric nurse
  105. Sharon Campion Joint branch secretary/ SGE Sandwell UNISON
  106. John Woods Branch Chair Portsmouth City UNISON
  107. Tirza Waisel Adult social worker Chair Barnet Communities UNITE
  108. George Shaw Barnet Communities UNITE
  109. Phil Fletcher Barnet Communities UNITE; Friends of the Earth; Barnet Green Party
  110. Kathy Smith Bromley Unite rep
  111. Paul Gilroy Branch Secretary Newcastle City UNISON LG & UNISON NEC
  112. Max Watson, Unite the Union, SE London Community Branch (previously UNISON NEC, 2010-2015)
  113. Tracey Leith, Shetland Branch, Chair
  114. Jennie Haswell, Branch Health and Safety Officer, Wakefield District Branch of Unison
  115. Trish Fay member of County Durham Teaching Assistants Action Committee
  116. Louis Smyth Barnet Schools Officer – solidarity John
  117. Clara Paillard PCS President
  118. Professor Dexter Whitfield Director, European Services Strategy Unit
  119. Graham Eddy ex unison branch sec Northumberland lg and asst branch sec tower hamlets unison.
  120. Gemma Short, Workers’ Liberty. My solidarity.
  121. Ruth Nyman Barnet UNISON Retired member.
  122. Jonathan Dunning, UNISON NEC and Norfolk Branch Secretary. 
  123. Sandra Greenyer, Children’s Centre Manager
  124. Alphonsa M.K. Alby, Barnet social worker
  125. Hilary Price Barnet UNISON member.
  126. Tracey Lowe, Barnet UNISON Retired member.
  127. Tracy Cumberbatch, Underhill School and Children’s Centre.
  128. Izzi Azgadj
  129. Jan McLachlan.
  130. Steve North Branch Secretary, Salford City UNISON.
  131. Mary Beer-Cleasby, small business owner, BECTU member &Save Barnet Libraries.
  132. Andrew Travers, Joint Branch Secretary, Unison Medway Health.
  133. Vicky Perrin school steward Calderdale Branch, YH NEC member (pc)
  134. Craig Martin, schools convener, UNISON Dorset County.
  135. Eddie Rowley london met uni unison steward.
  136. David Summers London Met Unison Asst Branch Secretary. 
  137. John McDermott UNISON steward. Bradford.