Able Futures – Awareness of Stress

Awareness of stress, and the many different affects that it can have on us, is important for us all. Our work, health problems, finances, family and relationships may all play on our minds, but sometimes these stressful things can affect our mood, our body and our relationships and we can find ourselves struggling to cope.


If stress is affecting how you feel, some personalised advice, information and guidance from Able Futures could help you learn to cope better with stress, and help you access support from other experts.


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Able Futures has shared these top tips for some simple things we can try to do if we are feeling stressed:


  • The next time you notice you are feeling bad because of stress, pause and take a few deep breaths. It helps.


  • To help you cope with stress on a longer-term basis you might want to try relaxation techniques, time management tools or learn ways of thinking about things you do not have much control over.


  • Learning to recognise symptoms of stress – clenched teeth, headaches, low mood, an upset stomach or insomnia could all indicate stress is affecting you – and understand what causes you to feel stressed can mean you can identify opportunities to break the cycle of mental and physical responses and help you cope better.



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