Barnet College update

Last week saw a number of Joint Trade Union meetings at a number of Barnet College sites. Barnet College along with most FE colleges has been going through serious funding problems over the last few years due to changes in funding. The governments ‘Train to Gain’ has exacerbated matters and there does not appear to be an end to these problems.

As a result of funding issues the Joint Trade Unions have found themselves in the position of having to deal with year on year cuts to jobs. Last years consultation process raised significant concerns for the Trade Unions.

The motions passed last week reflect the concern of both members and the trade union negotiators.
(click here to read the motions passed)

Meetings have been requested with the new Director of HR so keep checking the website for updates on progress. 

FE Pay ballot
The ballot closes 8 September 2008. Keep checking the UNISON FE webpage for the results.
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