Future Shape – Service delivery options explained

Beware, you will hear some say the Trade Unions are alarmist, scaremongering. Some will say staff have nothing to fear with privatisation.

Ask what evidence they have for that statement…

If the Council endorse the joint Trade Union Briefings on workforce issues, staff will have greater protection if they were transferred out of the Council.

However, three weeks on and they still have not responded. What are their reasons for the delay?

We have provided a Briefing paper 6 which looks to explain the types of service delivery models Price Waterhouse Cooper will be submitting to the Council for consideration.

Briefing 6 headlines:


1. The Council should make a commitment to ensure that in-house improvement and innovation, with staff and user involvement, is an option for all services and fully assessed alongside other delivery options.

2. The procurement process should not be commenced until a rigorous options appraisal process has been completed, a comprehensive business case prepared and staff and trade unions have been fully consulted.

To read the full Briefing click here