4 star pay for 4 star work?

I hope everyone had a good holiday and I hope we all get at least something of what we want and need next year!

Those in Adult Social Services will be aware of the major restructuring taking place there. Since late November we have been incredibly busy working on the 11 new Role Profiles covering well over 100 staff members at all grades. I’ve held meetings with most staff groups to go over the Role Profiles and points raised have been forwarded to the management team at our consultation meetings. Many points have been taken on board but some key concerns remain:

                       In the proposed new Role Profiles there is an expectation that staff will be working across disciplines. Social work staff will be expected to be able to assess and equip people with some Occupational Therapy equipment whilst OTs will be expected to assess and sort people out with some services usually arranged by social work staff. “Jack of all trades and master of none?” Or working more effectively and so providing a better service to the public resulting in less frustration?

                      Non-professionally qualified staff will continue to make complex decisions and handle complex situations but will their pay reflect this? So far this has not been the case. UNISON will continue to press for the pay these staff deserve. 

Most of what has been achieved could not have been so without the input of our members attending meetings and without the extra facility time given to the union. Has anything been achieved?

Role Profiles have been re-drafted and some major changes on some/ minor changes on others have been made reflecting the comments and questions raised by the unions. Whether this now means we all agree with the re-drafts is another matter!

On the 2 points outlined above there is greater insight into the complexity of  the issues involved.

The next round of meetings should clarify the outstanding issues of principle.

I look forward to seeing everyone again in the next round!

Helen Davies

Branch Chair and Adult Social Services steward.