News from Southwark Council – Revs & Bens: Back in House

Revs & Bens: Back in House

On 29th September Southwark Council Executive Committee voted to bring Revs& Bens back in house.

Some quotes from the report:

“Lack of direct control on the part of the Council, leading to slow and reluctant responses to Council-led initiatives to improve the service for the people of Southwark.”

“The main benefits of bringing the service in-house are:

  • “the authority can directly implement new initiatives and methods of working for service improvement quickly and without the need for contract variation.
  • “the authority is able to build more robust relationships with key departments and external stakeholders.
  • “Bringing the service back in-house will eliminate a major 3rd party interface.”
  • “the authority can have direct day to day management of the service and speed of making decisions and implementing change will be quicker.”

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