UNISON request Leader of the Council to delay transfer to Harrow Council

Dear Richard


I am formally requesting that you directly intervene in the Legal Services transfer to Harrow Borough Council. At a Legal Services briefing yesterday (14 June 2012) given by the Director of Corporate Governance, a significant number of staff began to raise very serious concerns about the transfer. The overwhelming feeling arising from this meeting was that Harrow is not treating this venture as a ‘shared service.’ Please find enclosed flyer which refers to ‘Harrow Legal’ which further reinforces the view of staff that this is not a real ‘shared service’ arrangement. In all the contributions there was a reoccurring theme being raised namely that Harrow seem to have a belief that their Lawyers are better than ours and that this perception is influencing the dialogue between both sides. I am concerned that without addressing these fundamental concerns it could lead to a first class service to Harrow and a second class service to Barnet.


I am seeking a postponement of the TUPE Transfer (due date 1July 2012) in order that there is genuine and meaningful discussions with your staff.


I believe you are already aware of what happened at a Planning Meeting earlier this week. I understand Standing Orders were allegedly overruled by a Harrow lawyer and as a result five decisions made have been declared ultra vires.


There is a real and urgent need for a meeting to scheduled with all staff to discuss the myriad of concerns raised by your staff at yesterday’s meeting. Until these concerns are addressed it would be in my opinion imprudent to sign the ‘inter authority agreement’


I can give an undertaking that I and the branch and our members want to work together with the Council to make this Shared arrangement work. However in light of what I heard yesterday a great deal of work needs to be done for this to happen.


Yours sincerely


John Burgess

Branch Secretary