Future Shape – Putting the record straight

Workforce Issues

One of the key issues for staff is what would happen to their terms and conditions of they were privatised.

We have raised this issue in our weekly meetings and have published Briefing 3 (amended) seeking a commitment to TUPE Plus. To date we have not had a formal response to our TUPE Plus proposal. The longer there is no response the greater the anxiety for staff.

We have had some comments made about potential future employment in particular this statement on the Councils Future Shape web page

Question: “The Council’s only signed up to TUPE, not TUPE plus.”

Reply: “This isn’t the case. The Council is committed to only working with partners that have admitted body status, or can offer a pension scheme better than the local government one. It is also committed to the Code of Practice on Workforce Matters, which means that staff transferring under TUPE to a partner will receive the same nationally negotiated pay awards as they would have received had they remained in local government. Both of these are TUPE plus as they are not covered by TUPE and they serve to protect the pensions and terms and conditions of staff.”

First of all we need to deal with the sentence “It is also committed to the Code of Practice on Workforce Matters,”

The simple fact is that the Council have not monitored or enforced the Code for staff who have been previously transferred. For the past three years the Trade Unions have been trying to ensure the Council takes this matter seriously, promises have been made but nothing has been done.

If the Council wants to allay staff fears of what may happen to them if they are privatised they need to formally respond to our Briefing 3 (amended) and ensure that the Council start enforcing the Code now.

Trade Union consultation

We do meet weekly and we have had a lot of discussions about various types of provision. Over the past two months we have published 6 Briefings but have not had a formal response to any of them.

Our Briefings relate to staff, service provision, contract monitoring etc. For some reason we have had no formal feedback which is undermining the consultation process and creating unnecessary anxiety amongst the workforce.

If there is nothing to hide then we need more openness.  

If the Cabinet agree the recommendations in the Cabinet report they need to ensure that communications are dramatically improved.

Cabinet report on the Future of Barnet Council published today

Just 7 days to go before the Cabinet meeting on 3rd December.

To view the full report click here

A detailed response will be provided shortly.

The report asks Council Officers to report back to 10 June Cabinet committee after completing a business and options analysis of the proposed new model of Barnet Public Services.

This report does not mention in house services.

We are asking residents, staff, service users and trade union members to turn up for the rally outside barnet House at 6 pm and attend the Cabinet Committee meeting at 7 pm 

Protect YOUR Pension!

Read it… sign it… pass it on! Barnet UNISON has created an ePetition to Gordon Brown. It is important that you sign it and pass it on to your colleagues to sign. Protect YOUR Pension To view and sign the petition click here

Future Shape – Barnet residents, staff and trade unions say YES WE CAN!

A Big thank you to all of you who turned up at the meeting last night. Over 300 plus staff took the time and effort to attend the Barnet Public Services meeting last night. 

The event was resounding success and demonstrated that both staff and local residents are concerned about the future of public services in Barnet.

The meeting watched the ITV West documentary Private Gain, Private Profit in two parts to show that the threat to jobs and services is real and the need for staff to engage in the consultation with the Council.

Professor Whitfield gave a broad assessment of what this could mean to residents, service users, staff and the local economy.

Stan Davison from 55 plus spoke followed by Secretary of Barnet Trades Council Austin Harney and John Burgess Branch Secretary Barnet UNISON.

It was followed by a number of useful contributions from the floor. It was clear residents, service users, staff and the Trade Unions are ready for the consultation to start. The Trade Unions have already produced 6 Briefings which raise issues about the process. Until now we have not had a response.

On 3 December the Chief Executive in what might be his last presentation (he has secured the post of Chief Executive of the GLA working for the London Mayor Boris Johnson) to the Cabinet Committee will present his report on the Future of Public Services in Barnet.

The Trade Unions are asking ALL their members to attend a rally on 3 December at 6 pm outside Barnet House before going into the meeting to hear what is being recommended for Barnet residents and the 4,000 Council workers. 

A more detailed report will follow.  

Remember, remember the 3 December!


Icelandic banks – what YOU can do!

Petition the Prime Minister to protect local authorities from losing millions of pounds of council taxpayers’ money held in failing Icelandic banks.

The government cannot stand by and allow local authorities to lose millions of pounds of council taxpayers’ cash. The government have stepped in to secure the banking system, and we need the same bold and principled action to protect local councils. Local authorities have a crucial role to play in protecting individuals, families and communities from the effects of an economic downturn. They are also crucial to rebuilding stability and confidence in our communities.”

We are asking UNISON members to sign the petition by following this link http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/Aid-for-councils/#detail

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