Update for Capita Staff in Finance and Strategic HR

Dear member

I am currently involved in TUPE transfer consultations for Finance and Strategic HR with Capita and Barnet Council.

***Please note: I have asked for meetings with Capita in relation to HR and Finance workers who currently provide a Traded Service for Schools. At this moment in time this group of workers are not included in this TUPE consultation. However I have had asked for legal advice from UNISON on this decision. Traded Service for Schools are identified in Phase Four groups of services we are being considered for insourcing.

I understand two meetings with staff with Barnet Council and Capita have been arranged on:

Staff briefings

Tuesday 22 January, 2.30 pm in the Boardroom Building 2, NLBP

Wednesday 23 January, 9.30 am in the Boardroom Building 2, NLBP

It would be useful if you can attend one of these meetings. However, as it was published at short notice I will be asking for other meeting dates to be made available for staff.

One to One meetings.

If any Barnet UNISON members wants a one to one meeting with Capita/Barnet Council and would like a UNISON rep to attend please contact the Barnet UNISON Office on 0208 359 2088 or email contactus@barnetunison.org.uk

Formal TUPE transfer meetings.

These are formal meetings that I attend with Capita and Barnet Council. The next meeting is in 30 January after which they will be weekly until the staff transfer on 1 April 2019.


Capita and Barnet Council will be providing regular updates and some frequently asked questions. It is important that if you have any issues or concerns you raise them as soon as possible.

Key UNISON meetings for members

There are a couple of branch meetings at which Capita is on the agenda in order staff can ask questions. You can view the details of these meeting meetings on this link https://bit.ly/2DrdO1C

What about the other Capita Services?

The council confirmed further information on the approximate timescales to review the remaining services:

Phase 1 – Finance and Strategic HR (the focus of this TUPE consultation)

Phase 2 – Highways and Regeneration (review between Jan to Sept 2019)

Phase 3 – Barnet-based customised services – Estates, Social Care Direct,          Safety, Health and Wellbeing , Strategic Planning, Procurement, Insight,     Cemetery and Crematorium (review between Jan to Sept 2019)

Phase 4 – Revenues and Benefits, Customer Services, Information Services,      Planning (Development Management) and Regulatory Services,           transactional HR services (including pensions administration). Will form          part of the Year 7 Contract Review of both contracts from September 2019     onwards.

Best wishes

John Burgess

Branch Secretary.