Global giant ISS restricts rights of former Barnet Council catering workers

Dear Barnet UNISON catering members,

This week Barnet UNISON registered a ‘failure to agree’ over the imposition by ISS of a number of their policies on our members working in the catering service.

It is important that you understand why Barnet UNISON is objecting to this proposal.

The current Barnet Council Disciplinary policy states:

“at all stages of the procedure the employee will have the right to be accompanied by a recognised trade union representative or a Barnet work colleague.”


However, in the ISS Disciplinary Policy it states that:

“Only at the formal disciplinary hearing stage of the procedure will the employee have the statutory right to be accompanied or represented by a:

  • Trade union representative;
  • Recognised staff group representative; or
  • Work colleague.”


What does this mean for you?

It means that if you are asked to attend an investigation meeting, ISS would refuse to allow your Barnet UNISON rep to attend this meeting with you.

In our view, this is an attack on your right to trade union representation at all stages of the disciplinary procedure.

This ISS decision is our ‘line in the sand’ which is why we have registered a ‘failure to agree.’

This decision by ISS is one of the reasons why Barnet UNISON strongly opposes outsourcing, because we can see that workers in the private sector have inferior Terms and Conditions to those of the Council.


If you are asked to attend a disciplinary investigation, please contact the Barnet UNISON office immediately on 0208 359 2088 or email

In the meantime we will keep you informed of any changes.

John Burgess,

Branch Secretary, Barnet UNISON.