One more Christmas: Memorial vigil to the 5 residents who died after being moved hastily from Apthorp Care Centre at the end of October 2021

One more Christmas/ Lyrics by Beau King Houston to be sung to the tune of ‘White Christmas’ by Bing Crosby.
(For the residents/Victims, friends & family, and staff members affected by the Apthorp Care Centre move 2021)
Verse 1
We were dreaming of one more Christmas
With the loved ones we used to know
But nobody listened
Then one decision
Meant we were left out in the cold
Verse 2
We were told we’d be secure this Christmas
You promised we were here to stay
Now our days just don’t feel as bright
Cos you chose to ignore our workers rights
Verse 3
We were dreaming of our last Christmas
Alas that wasn’t to be so
We were moved like cattle
No strength to battle
We lost our lives to save you dough
Verse 4
We lost the home we loved this Christmas
We miss the life we always knew
Try to affect change and be true
Know that one Christmas this could be you.