Poem for Apthorp

We received this poem some weeks ago. Many residents in Barnet were troubled by the Apthorp Care Centre closure. Following the news of the 5 deaths they are demanding a public enquiry. One resident wrote and sent us this poem:


On our doorsteps we clapped for the heroes

as the virus was killing us off

we hailed common folk’s resistance to blows

though the country was led by a toff;

now in Barnet his lackeys are sacking

the workers we stood to applaud

as there’s always some lift in attacking

the low-paid we can barely afford;

872 pence an hour

such fortunes the shirkers were paid

too much for lovers of power

whose memories are rapid to fade;

they say they shall have to close Apthorp

and dozens of jobs will be lost

such chutzpah would make a dead horse gawp

but for them there is only one cost;

their creed is that people serve money

ours is the other way round;

should we wait for the sweet Easter bunny

till some kindness on earth can be found?

Hold hands, stand together, stay solid

“We’re free people, not wage slaves,” say loud,

while they are obtuse, mean and stolid

we’ll fight till we win, strong, unbowed.

Alan Dent NEU member